Musical Entertainment

There are many musicians out there that make their living by going round residential and nursing homes entertaining the residents. This activity is always very popular, being sociable and fun, and helping to keep memories alert by remembering the songs!


Music for Health

This is a program that has proved to be very popular in many nursing and residential homes. It is a session where the residents get to listen to music that they can sing along to, relax to, and they have instruments like tambourines for example that they are encouraged to use along to the music.

Music for Health can be very beneficial in that it helps people remember old times, relax, socialise, have fun and also with coordination and gentle exercise in using the instruments. It is important that there is an area this activity can take place where interruptions are kept to a minimum, as the person leading the session needs to keep everyone's attention.


Chair Aerobics

This activity must be led by someone who has proper training in health and fitness in the elderly. It is designed to increase the heart rate, helps keeps joints and limbs supple, uses muscles to keep them fit, aids coordination and is also great fun for everyone taking part.

All residents in nursing and residential homes must be encouraged to take some exercise whatever their mobility is like, and this is a great way to include the less mobile people in an exercise program that everyone can enjoy.